EdTechX Europe2016 Global All Stars Growth Awards

MOZER wins EdtechX Global Growth award at EdTechX Europe2016
The first company in Asia to ever be issued the award

Life is Tech !'s MOZER was the proud recipient of the EdtechXGlobal Growth award at this year's EdTechXEurope 2016, an education and technology summit held in London. Life is Tech ! is providing coding education for middle and high-school students.


This is Tech City, a city of technology and philanthropy.
You have stumbled upon helping Marsa,
a bakery shop owner, with building a website for her store.

You start learning about web designing from scratch, then become devoted to building websites together with knowledgeable Daisy.
One day, you get caught up in the middle of a strange event.

PCs at Central Tech University, where Daisy attends, suddenly gets hacked.

"All PCs at CTU are hacked, and a trap has been set"

A cryptic message left on the PC screen.
A mysterious organization bringing the world into fear and confusion.
What does this all mean?
What's going to happen to Tech City?

You and Daisy begin solving this mystery puzzle.

About MOZER Web Design Learning Course Trial Ver.

We would first like to offer the Web Design Learning Course (website making) as a free trial.
Although it is free, the HTML and CSS used in this course are up to standard and allows the users to experience how real websites are made.
New chapters will be added on a weekly basis, and we hope the users can enjoy the story and learn at the same time.

Also, MOZER looks to provide over 10 different types of coding and IT learning courses as well as a social networking system to enhance user experience.


Life is Tech ! is a coding and IT camp/school for teenagers.
It's a program aimed to help enhance teenagers' creative thinking skills using modern IT systems including but not limited to iPhone/Android apps/game creation, coding, and designing.
The program began in 2011, and in 2016, there are over 15,000 active students, making us one of the largest coding education providers in Japan today.